The D.O.C.G. Friularo of Bagnoli

The Friularo grape with its dark bunches, compact and triangular shaped, adorns the Bagnoli vineyards. During autumn whilst the brown leaves colour the rows, the grapes mature slowly concentrating the sweetness and the perfumes in the skins. The best time to harvest the grapes is November, when the first hoar frost is found on the branches. From this characteristic, the adaptation to the cold, (Latin:Frigus), comes the name for the historic grape “Friularo”, in Venetian “Frigoearo”.

The D.O.C.G. Friularo from Bagnoli is an indigenous grape variety which represents excellence in winemaking for the area. The particular acidity of Friularo grapes confers great versatility in the winemaking producing different styles of wine: full bodied and structured red wines, soft dessert wines and fresh and elegant spumante.


The Wines

FRIULARO D.O.C.G.: a wine which is ruby red, fresh and tannic, with a pleasing scent of marasca cherries and violets. It is fermented as a red wine with maceration on the skins. It requires at least 12 months ageing. It is typically fresh and tannic, pairing well with local Paduan dishes: hare with pasta, goose in a rich sauce, casseroled chicken and grilled eel.
FRIULARO RISERVA D.O.C.G.: Obtained after ageing in wood for at least 24 months; the structure is complex with a raised level of alcohol. The colour is intense ruby, shading to garnet with ageing. It has an intense scent of marasca cherries and spices. It pairs well with rich meats such as slow cooked donkey, Bologna sausage and pig’s trotters.
FRIULARO VENDEMMIA TARDIVA D.O.C.G.: to make this wine the grapes are harvested only after the “Summer of St. Martin” (11Nov.), this concentrates the polyphenols and scents and the resulting wine is intense, alcoholic and structured. Fermentation is followed by a long development in wood. Full bodied it has concentrated scents of blackberries, marasca cherries and spices. Its powerful structure requires casseroled or braised meats, or blue cheese.
FRIULARO PASSITO D.O.C.G.: Dense, sweet and enveloping, obtained from handpicked grapes which are carefully dried in well ventilated areas. After drying the grapes are fermented and subjected to a long and patient ageing in wood. It pairs perfectly with chocolate or typical Venetian biscuits such as zaleti, fregolota and baicoli.

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