Consortium D.O.C. Bagnoli

Amongst many lovely things,
which nature dispenses and gives to mortals,
the first, the best, the most excellent
which is unsurpassed
and which proudly goes around to every place
because everyone wants, all desire it.
 Honoured by all
this fine celestial gift 
which consoles the human heart
I am sure of it, nor am I mistaken, it’s the wine.
Yes, it’s the wine, that sweet nectar, which
consoles, which gives pleasure.
that darling joy
which brightens every heart
it is the fount for every rejoicing
of peace and harmony
it sends away every  misfortune
it banishes every fear
for amongst the wines most esteemed
the best, the most perfect
is this dear sweet wine,
this blessed Friularo.

(Lodovico Pastò, 1788 “theBagnoli  Fiularo wine” Diatramb.


who we are

The Consortium for the Guardianship of the D.O.C. Bagnoli wines is an association of vine growers and wine producers who share amongst themselves, a passion for wine production and pride for the area.  The seat of the Consortium is near Villa Widman Borletti at Bagnoli di Sopra, where you will also find one of the oldest and most representative wine cellars. The members occupy themselves with every phase of production within the D.O.C. Bagnoli zone, that is within the areas belonging to the townships of Agna, Arre, Bagnoli di Sopra, Battaglia Terme, Bovolenta, Candiana,  Due  Carrare, Cartura, Conselve,  Monselice,  Pernumia,  S.  Pietro Viminario, Terrassa e Tribano. Together they actively participate in the programming and development of the Society sharing its objectives.


We believe that the local agricultural tradition and the history of the small realities of the communities are values to be preserved, defended and prized in the context of modern globalisation.


Our objective is guardianship for the production of quality wines and the enhancement of their value in the marketplace. Providing advice and technical assistance to members we endeavour to make known the most innovative vine growing and wine making practices, guiding a choice which aims at a constant improvement in quality. We carry out promotional activities, be it in Italy or abroad aiming to spread the knowledge of the D.O.C. Bagnoli wines, in particular the indigenous grape variety “Bagnoli Friularo D.O.C.G.”

Iniziativa finanziata dal Programma di Sviluppo Rurale per il Veneto 2007 - 2013    -    Organismo responsabile dell'informazione: Consorzio di Tutela vini DOC Bagnoli
Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto - Direzione Piani e Programmi del Settore Primario