The territory

The DOC Bagnoli is found on the fertile plains at the foot of the Colli Eugenie, and extends in the direction of Venice, defined in the north by the River Bacchiglione and in the south by the Adige River.
The eastern confine is marked by the city of Agna, which has a historic centre of Roman origin, sited along the Via Amnia. The region is noted for a diffuse and prolific agriculture. The rich productivity of the countryside is tied to the fertility of the deep alluvial soil. This land was always a fount of precious food supplies for the surrounding cities of Padua, Monselice and Venice.
Communications about life in this region describe the strength of the commercial exchanges which were of interest in the area. During Roman times the territory was divided into Centurions. During successive centuries constant interventions, gifts of work from the Benedictine monks of the Serene Republic of Venice, led to extensive land becoming available for cultivation. They made radical changes to the hydro geological planning: a complete system of canals was organised, water pumps and dykes which in the end made communication for the entire area possible by a system of navigable paths.








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