The wineries have sales open to the public and areas for visits and tastings. In the surrounding area there are many types of accommodation and numerous restaurants which offer traditional Venetian cuisine and pair food with local wines.

Food and wine visits can be easily included into a wider itinerary. Inside the D.O.C. Bagnoli zone there are sumptuous villas from the eighteenth century, imposing medieval castles, and historic abbeys. Within the D.O.C. limits are found the cities of Monselice, Padua, Venice and Chioggia. In the vicinity are a wide range of tourist attractions both for sport and nature. Both the hotels and the B&B’s offer the opportunity to holiday, immersed in the peace and serenity of uncontaminated nature, eating well with a large glass of good Friularo.



this is a city sited within the DOC Bagnoli zone. The city is medieval and overlooked by an imposing castle situated on the surrounding hill. There are numerous events, tourist, cultural and historic representations.






Situated at the northern end of the DOC Bagnoli zone. It has walls dating from the sixteenth century, which guard an important artistic heritage connected by elegant colonnaded streets: the basilica del Santo, Santa Giustina, Santa Sofia, il Prato della Valle, the Scrovegni chapel, the Palace of Reason, the university Palace of Bo, the Pedrocchi café and numerous  monuments and museums.




thanks to the noble Venetian families of the eighteenth century who built holiday residences in the hinterland  the Bagnoli Friularo saw the period of their greatest splendour. The principal residences of these same families are found along the Grand Canal.  The Venetian lagoon can be reached by a variety of main routes or directly by boat from close to Chioggia.





situated a few kilometres east from D.O.C. Bagnoli. It is a city on the lagoon and has navigable canals. The architecture recalls Venice in miniature. The flourishing fishing trade and its market make it especially lively and inviting.



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