Activities in the country

The countryside within DOC Bagnoli provides a variety of sporting activities.
HORSERIDING: two horse riding centres are within the DOC Bagnoli zone. They organise excursions on horseback or in gigs. In the San Pietro Viminario commune the horse-riding centre Due cavalli: also has accommodation. In the Tribano commune there is the Criollo horse-riding centre.
TARGET SHOOTING: in the township of Agna there is one of the biggest training centres in Italy for clay pigeon shooting, target range shooting and archery.
FLYING: at Bagnoli there is one of the longest grass airstrips in Italy, 1200metres. It is the owned and managed by Dominio di Bagnoli.
GOLF: at the far western end of the D.O.C. zone and Galzignano Terme are extensive golf courses developed by the Padua Golf Club.

the zone is crossed by numerous navigable canals which connect the different towns. Many of the banks which confine the canals are now equipped as cycling and foot paths. On the cycling trails you can cover itineraries in the countryside amongst fruit trees, vineyards, woodland, and wheat fields.

Some of the more interesting itineraries are:
Sentiero Ferro di Cavallo: (Horse shoe trail). On level ground and suitable for families. The trail starts at Battaglia di Terme, close to the Museum of Water Navigation. It proceeds to the Catajo castle and skirts the base of Monte Croce, then returns to the town centre, passing close to the Villa Selvatico. The trail is well marked by posters.
The canal route Vingenzone and Biancolino: the route starts at Battaglia Terme, close to the museum of Water Navigation, skirting the canals which are surrounded by profuse vegetation. You wind between woodland and wheat fields, surrounded by the silence of nature. Half way along the route you reach the centre of Due Carrare. Proceeding under the shade of the willows, it ends at the medieval town centre of Pontemanco. It is well signposted by posters.
Sentiero Montericco: This is at Monselice. The arduous asphalt ascent enters at a short distance from the cement works in the direction of Monselice. The road winds up to the top of the hill under the shade of the cypress trees. At the top you will find the hermitage of Saint Domenica near to which winds a level path which allows you to admire the plain and the opposing Rocca di Monselice. Of particular note is the statue of Hercules, placed at the base of a large stairway which leads to the hermitage.
The Padua – Chioggia itinerary: The Tourist Society for Padua and the Terme Euganee has marked out an itinerary which connects the two cities crossing the D.O.C. zone of Bagnoli.

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