D.O.C. Bagnoli Wines

Within the D.O.C. BAGNOLI zone many international grape varieties are grown. Imported to the Veneto during the Napoleonic period they were established in the area encountering a climate particularly suited to their development. When phylloxera spread, the availability of the first vine shoots grafted was limited to the international grape varieties.

This factor resulted in further diffusion of these grape varieties which today represent a significant part of production in our area.

The D.O.C Wines

WHITE SPUMANTE: Straw yellow, fresh and fragrant, with notes of white fruits and bread crusts, made from Friularo grapes fermented as white wine (min.90%). This spumante can be served as an aperitif. It pairs well with succulent and rich fish dishes such as whipped salt cod and grilled eel.
ROSE SPUMANTE: From the same Friularo grapes a Rose Spumante can be made. It has floral notes of roses and fruits such as redcurrants. It pairs well with grilled sword fish.
TRAVELLERS WINE (VIN DA VIAJO): A special wine made with Friularo grapes in which there are heightened notes of fresh fruits, alcohol and a note of ethers from the fortifying. The practice of fortifying wine was adopted during the period of the Venetian Republic in order to preserve wine during long sea voyages. Hence the name “Vin da Viago” (Travellers Wine).It pairs well with chocolate with a minimum of 75% cocoa.
WHITE: made from Sauvignon and Chardonnay grapes and a minimum 10% of Friularo grapes, fermented as white wine. Full flavoured with tastes of minerals, and floral notes. It pairs well with fish first courses such as Cat fish risotto and spaghetti with clams.
RED: Made with Merlot, Cabernet, Carmenere and Friularo grapes. This mix was introduced by the celebrated winemaker Emile Peynaud who was the technical advisor at Bagnoli. The wine is soft and balanced, with notes of young fruits and vines when young, and notes of cooked red fruits and spices when it is aged. Well suited to meat sauces made with game, salamis and grilled red meat.
ROSATO: Fermented as rose from Merlot and Friularo grapes. It is noted for its fragrance, lightness and mineral reflections, which are typical for the area in which the grapes are grown. Suitable for fish based first courses and it goes very well with fish soup.
OTHER WINES FROM SINGLE GRAPE VARIETIES: Within the D.O.C. Bagnoli zone both red and white wines are produced from single grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet, Carmenere, Refosco Dal Penducolo Rosso, Turchetta, Marzemina Bianca, Corbina, Cavrara.

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